Tarot According to Chat GPT: The Lovers

Beyond Romance: Decisions, Values, and the Lovers Card in Tarot

Kelly Tatham
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I asked Chat GPT the meaning behind The Lovers tarot card. Emphasis (bold and italic) are mine. The subtitle is one of eight great choices GPT provided me with including my second favourite, “Balancing Act: The Lovers Card and the Art of Integration in Tarot.”

Personally and based on my research, I bristle at the notion that “at its core,” The Lovers is about romantic union. It could be, but I think the true esoteric meaning of the card is much closer to bullet points 2 and 4.

Assuming this is a synthesis of the information available on the internet, I think it’s safe to say that our cultural assumption of this card is aligned with its Chat GPT deemed “core.”

Knapp-Hall Revised New Art Tarot (1929)

The Lovers card is one of the most iconic and symbolic cards in the Tarot deck. It often carries several layers of meaning and can be interpreted in various ways depending on the context of a Tarot reading. Here are some key interpretations of the Lovers card:

  1. Union and Harmony: At its core, the Lovers card represents love, unity, and harmony. It symbolizes a deep connection between two individuals, often romantic in nature. It signifies the coming together of opposites to create a harmonious and balanced union.
  2. Choices and Decisions: The Lovers card can also suggest choices and decisions, particularly those related to relationships and partnerships. It may indicate that you are facing an important decision regarding love, relationships, or moral dilemmas. It encourages you to make choices from the heart and align with your values.
  3. Soulmates and Twin Flames: In some interpretations, the Lovers card is associated with the concept of soulmates or twin flames — people who share a profound spiritual connection. It suggests a powerful and destined connection between two individuals.
  4. Balance and Integration: The card often depicts a man and a woman standing under the watchful eye of an angel or higher spiritual figure. This imagery represents the need to balance and integrate different aspects of yourself or different elements in your life, such as the conscious and unconscious, the masculine and feminine, or the physical and



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