Judgement Only Serves Your Ego

Transmuting judgement into discernment sets us free

Kelly Tatham
3 min readMar 11


One of the most self-limiting beliefs is that one’s own view of reality is the only view of reality.

The Universe is a holographic playing field and everything that presents itself to us in this field is for our growth. Everything. There is no morality to the field. It has no ideology. It simply bends to the rules of the observer.

The majority belief system of the collective consciousness dictates the dynamics of the playing field. Currently the majority belief system is duality. I am separate from God. You are separate from me. The human is separate from nature. And so on.

This matrix of duality is held in place by Ego, an individual’s belief system. Ego is the process by which we comprehend and maintain our identity.

Judgement occurs when the Ego feels threatened. Ego wishes to maintain its position — it wishes to be rigid, not fluid. Judgement is the Ego saying “I am not that,” in order to define what it is. But our true selves are fluid; our true selves are always in motion.

When you experience judgement — a strong negative reaction to another person, event, or thing — it is an invitation to let go of the attitude that you are better than that which you judge. We can be discerning of the world around us without judging it. Because while there are many terrible people in the world doing terrible things (and many stupid people doing stupid things), we would likely do the exact same thing if we were raised under the same circumstances and in the same environment as them.

When we transcend the mindset of duality, we understand that nothing is separate and that any judgement of Other is also a judgement of Self. Besides, judging others never leads to them to change. In fact, it often only reinforces the behaviours or beliefs we wish they would transcend.

Free will only exists to the extent which we comprehend ourselves.

We are overwhelmingly shaped by our environments and guided by forces outside of our perception and control. Our driving needs for shelter, food, and human connection, to name a few, lead us to make the decisions that we make. When we judge ourselves for our decisions, we forget how little control we truly have. Indeed, the only thing we truly have control over is our reaction — or, at least, the reaction to our reaction.

Recognizing judgement, and releasing it, is the stop gap between free will and determinism.

Transmuting judgement sets us free. Collectively transcending our rigid egos, becoming fluid and at play with our identities, will lead to a new playing field of consciousness. Simply by changing our beliefs, we change the very structure of reality.

This essay has borrowed heavily from ETZNAB and other teachings in The Mayan Oracle.



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