Country Is A Construct

Borders are an illusion

Kelly Tatham
2 min readNov 3, 2020


Countries are a social contract between people and power. There is no pride in being American or Canadian. While it has been an expression of human nature to forge identity, the celebration of nationality is colonial violence.

America, as an ideological concept that champions individualism, dominion, consumption, and the pursuit of comfort and happiness at all costs, must fall.

Canada, as a pervasive myth of benevolence, camaraderie, and pluralism, must be reconciled, redressed, and re-storied.

Make no mistake, we are all in free fall.

Separation is an illusion fabricated by colonial-capitalistic interests. There is no other. We are all one. Borders between people, lands, or any other thing are taught, learned, and socially reinforced; they are not real.

I say this to you not just from a deep intuitive knowing but from a breadth of research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Separation is an illusion of our perception that is maintained and fortified by social conditioning.

So, let us not fight to retain our “nations” but fight for something new, something different, something better. Or let us not “fight” at all. Let us dream beyond the concepts and constructs and contracts that shape and govern our imaginations and our lives. Let us understand that the mentality of war and that the illusion of separation is baked into our language, the very words we speak, and the frames of reference through which we rebel.

Change is coming.
Change is here.
Change is the only truth.
Take care of each other.
There is no Other.



Kelly Tatham

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