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Be Kinder to Yourself, Save the World

Capitalism — the driving force behind climate change — thrives on our shame and self-hatred

Every time you beat yourself up for not doing enough to save the planet, to save yourself, to — heck — save your thoughts from the gutter, a parallel universe Cheeto Dust Voldemort gets its wings.

Dreams of perfection are fatal to social change movements. Despite their vision of a better society, such movements are made up of idealists who are far from perfect. They are attempting to change a society that has already profoundly conditioned them to believe themselves unworthy of love, and the system to be incapable of change.

Walter Wink

Photo by Eric Welch on Unsplash

If self-hatred feeds Capitalism, could radical self-love dismantle it?



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Kelly Tatham

Fugitive. Systemsthinker. Saving the world is easier than we think. There is no world //