Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I believe that everything is connected to everything else.

I believe that when you pay attention, the Universe reveals itself to you.

I believe that, within our lifetimes, our collective consciousness will evolve to understand the true nature of reality.

I am a storyteller. In my work I explore the quest for love and the quest for the true nature of reality. More and more I am discovering that they are the same thing.

hen we look at art through the lens of science and science through the lens of art. When we dismantle labels and categories. When we acknowledge that the structures and beliefs that divide us are simply human inventions, we will see that nothing is separate from anything else.

In this space I aim to share my personal experiences with the interconnectivity of existence; to interpret the scientific findings I come across in my research; to contribute to the cultural conversation of identity, representation, and empowerment; and to share personal stories of love, loss, living home-free, and my travels across the world.

I worship curiosity, change, empathy, compassion, nature and human connection. I ask that you keep an open mind, for everything we currently hold as true was once considered crazy, blasphemous, and beyond belief. Change is the only constant. Onwards!

Fugitive. Systemsthinker. Saving the world is easier than we think. There is no world.